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What is a Lease Option To Sell?

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What is a Lease Option To Sell? How Does Owner Financing Work?


What is a Lease Purchase?


You simply lease it giving the buyer the option to buy. They put up a non-refundable option deposit that is applied to their down payment and pay rent until they get a loan. We pass on all the responsibility for repairs after the first 30 days and fix term suitable to all. The title stays in your name and you have no cost because the pays the attorney fee. The downside is the deposit will likely be lower than a down payment from a buyer.

You tell me what is the least you can take and we will work from there but honestly until I locate a buyer we both approve it is only a formality necessary to complete our agreement so I can move forward.

I would much prefer it if you will sell with owner financing. We will get more money up front and then the buyer goes for financing, it is a refi not a purchase loan, which is much easier for them to get.


What is Owner Financing?


That means you sell the house with terms and the buyer make payments until they get refinanced. They will own the house, you will have a recorded note and mortgage and secured by the house and a personal guarantee from the buyers who will put up a substantial down payment or I wouldn’t consider them. A sale on terms will get a lot more down than a lease purchase and make it much easier to sell the house.


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