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Rent Now Buy Later

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Rent Now Buy Later

Are you fed up with throwing away your hard earned money every month on rent? Do you want to put your family into a beautiful place they can call home? What’s stopping you? Credit? Past Issues? With a lease purchase, you don’t have to face the immediate scrutiny that lenders will put you through, even if you have what you think are “problems”. Here are just some of our available properties: http://fchomesbroward.com/search-properties/

Here are some of the benefits of lease purchasing a home through a lease purchase:

  • Low option consideration.
  • Many past credit problems are not a problem.
  • Less qualifying restrictions.
  • Purchase price is agreed upon and locked in ahead of time.
  • You are able to check out the area and house thoroughly before purchasing the house
  • The property continues to build equity while you are living in it. That equity is yours when you exercise your option!
  • Option fee is fully credited to the cost of the house..
  • We work directly with loan officers to assist you in obtaining permanent financing and repair your credit

Sounds great! But what are the next steps?

The first thing you may want to do is to look at our properties http://fchomesbroward.com/search-properties/ . If you see something that interests you, e-mail or call us to set up an appointment to see the home. Or, simply fill out your information http://fchomesbroward.com/looking-for-a-home/  letting us know you are ready to step into the world of home ownership. Once you complete an application with, we will contact you and discuss what will be needed to prepare for finance.

What is required to qualify for a lease purchase property?

Great question!! When you apply for a lease purchase property, there are some main items that are being reviewed and that are being looked for:

  • Debt to Income
  • Down payment available
  • Bankruptcies? (If so, there are certain time restrictions that have to be overcome.)
  • Foreclosure? (Again, certain time restrictions are set forth by the lenders.)
  • Scores (Although NOT  important, most lease option specialist are looking for applicants that have a realistic chance of getting qualified.)

The total amount required for move in is the Option Fee stated on the property, plus the first month’s payment. It’s that easy! The first step to the dream of home ownership begins by filling out the form at http://fchomesbroward.com/looking-for-a-home or by calling now 786 505 8884!

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