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How To Rent To Own Your House

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How To Rent To Own Your House


Here is a short explanation of what I do and how I can buy your property, I buy and sell houses so I won’t

be moving to the house myself:


Sometimes if the terms are good I’ll buy or lease option the house ourselves and then install a tenant buyer who can make payments and get a new loan within a couple years and cash us out that would require little or nothing down from us and little discount on the price to compensate us for remaining as a principal until you are cashed out. If that doesn’t interest the second option is for us to locate and screen a quality end user you approve and not remain as a principal.


My specialty is working with quality buyers for homes who need terms and time to qualify for a loan to cash you out. They are quality people who put up a substantial down payment and I screen them heavily to approve them after we do. Off course they would make a monthly payment and be responsible for 100% of repairs and maintenance and we close everything with an attorney.


The good news is there is no commission to you and we can likely get you full price because we are offering terms, and sometimes while searching for a good terms buyer we get and all cash offer.


There is NO cost to you and if a buyer doesn’t come along we both like and approve, nothing is lost but a little time.

The odds of selling with terms are ten times better than selling for cash. Actually it is really just a delayed cash sale at full price


My compensation comes from the difference between what my buyer brings in for a down payment or option deposit and the amount you are willing to accept and usually I raise the price enough to cover my cost so it costs you nothing.


All I need from you, the seller, to move forward is a terms agreement with a 90 day window and we’ll get to work to see what the market will bring us with an extensive online campaign and a search of our current database of buyers.


If this interests you we’ll need to agree on a reasonable price and terms that are marketable


If you are ready Click here: http://fchousebuyers.com/ or give us a call now at (786) 505 8884.

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