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10 Tips to Buying Broward County Real Estate without Breaking Your Budget

10 Tips to Buying Broward County Real Estate Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

10 Tips to Buying Broward County Real Estate without Breaking Your Budget

Real estate values are always on the rise. That doesn’t mean that your dream house should be out of your reach. One just needs to do their homework more thoroughly and get a bit creative in order to identify and buy real estate property in an area they like. Well, in this case – Jacksonville, Florida. Let us look at ten important cost saving measures you should look at, before buying Broward County Real Estate, in order to get the best deal.

1. Buying Foreclosed properties might be a tricky game but if you play it well, you might end up buying your dream house at a very low cost. Especially if you buy low cost real-estate properties that are in a bad shape / need major overhaul. The department of housing and urban development (hud.gov) is a good place to start searching for properties that are foreclosed in your area. In case you decide to buy foreclosed properties, be aware that in many states, there is a period over which the previous owner can reclaim their property by paying up all their dues.

2. Remember that you can always fix and beautify a low-cost home, yourself. Even if a property doesn’t come with a garden, woodwork furnishing, newly painted exterior, etc. but is located in an area that you like very much and has a low price tag attached to it, you could still go ahead and buy it. It just takes some additional expenditure to make the house look like your dream home!

3. Keep looking out for older homes that are put up for sale. Older homes are generally priced much lower than newer ones and you can always renovate them once you occupy the house.

4. There are a number of financing options which you can consider before buying your property. If you already have a mortgage, you might want to combine your first and second mortgages and see if you get a better deal. If you are buying for the first time, some lending firms might run special cost saving programs for such buyers and you could look out for them. There are multiple down-payment options including down payment grants that you should inquire with your Realtor. There are some loans that come with low down-payment options or some with higher down-payment and lower interest options. Just make sure that you look at all your financing options before taking your final decision.

5. It’s always good to wait for a short term in order to look into all the options that are available to you. If you want to buy a house in an expensive neighborhood, there is a good chance that you may not be able to afford it. But there are smaller (more affordable) properties in any neighborhood that are put up for sale occasionally, and you could keep looking out for such properties. Who knows, you might be able to even buy two small adjacent properties and construct a bigger house by combining them both!

6. Buying land should be your primary concern. Once you buy a piece of land, you can opt for a manufactured home/ mobile home (in case you are not able to build your house immediately) and then start building the house later on when you manage to get enough funds. Since land values increase quickly over a short term, it’s better to buy a real-estate property (even without a house) if it is available for a low cost.

7. If your home loan is pre-approved, you can get a good idea of how much exactly you can spend on your real estate property. Getting a loan pre-approved is not difficult and with proper documentation, it can be obtained. It also gives you an authentic resource to show to the seller and convince them that you are serious buyer. They might be more inclined to disclose their best price, due to this.

8. Remember that real-estate values skyrocket in important / posh locations. So, even if the property you want to buy is in a sorry state and requires remodeling/ reconstruction, you could just go buy it and do the remodeling/ reconstruction by yourself. A nicely laid out property increases the real-estate prices in future and hence you can be sure that your investment will pay-off very well in the near future.

9. In case you already have a house and you plan to sell it before buying a new house, it might be better to sell your existing house first and then negotiate with potential real-estate owners/ lenders with cash in hand. That way, you might get the best deal for selling your existing property and buying the new property, as well. It’s difficult to sell an empty house.

10. Same way, when you are looking to buy a house, look for properties that are empty. The more time for which the property was empty, the seller would be more desperate to sell it. Look out for cases where the owner was earlier living in a house but was transferred to a different location recently or a family has already bought a new house and are waiting to sell their old house as soon as possible to pay for their new property. The best deals can be obtained in such situations.

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